Thursday, September 9, 2010

2009 Chadds Ford

I had a lot of pumpkin carving experience when the Chadds Ford Carve rolled around. I went with my folk art painting of Death on a Pale Horse as inspiration for this pumpkin. He didn't win a prize that year but was a lot of fun to carve!

Zoe would like me to carve and Ariel pumpkin.

The whole family comes out.
That's my daughter Zoe and my mom.

View from the back.

A ghost passes by the back of the pumpkin.

Zoe and I enjoying the night.

Even a local witch stops by to check out our pumpkin!

Ice Age Pumpkin

In 2009 I was hired by a big LA PR firm to carve pumpkins in Bucks County, PA for the DVD release of the movie Ice Age 3. I carved this design on a giant pumpkin the day before the event and carved some pumpkins while I was there over the weekend.

I didn't think it could be done!

I only wish I could have seen it lit up at night but it was wisked away to the Fox Philadelphia new set.

2009 Newtown Square Carve

2009 was a big year for pumpkin carving. My first competition was at Drexel Park in Newtown Square, PA. The pumpkins were a bit smaller that I'm used to so I completed this one without any helpers. I won 2nd place and a little cash which was nice.

Sketched the design on with a sharpie.

The pumpkin and my painting for inspiration.

Because the carving was done during the day, I had to bring it home to light it up.

My original painting created for this pumpkin (sold).


2008 brings a glorious afternoon to carve pumpkins! Here is what the field looks like that we carve in. Have to wait a bit for them to let us in.

A cool headless horseman cut out. I love him!

My mom is thinning the walls.

We recruit my brother to help this year.
He's not happy about having his picture taken.

The final designs wins another Best Overall!
The headless horseman leaps out of a flaming pumpkin.

2007 Headless Horseman

Back on my game in 2007 with an award winning Sleepy Hollow pumpkin.
This time I won "Best Carving" with my design inspired by the painting below.

My mom carves out the inside and thins the walls while I carve my design in the outside.
We love pumpkins and we make a great team! This pumpkin wasn't as large as ones in the past.
Must have had a dry summer.

I love how this guy turned out!
It looks like the forest is on fire!

2005 - 2006

These two years were a bit off for us. our pumpkins weren't as wonderful as they could have been abd we didn't come home with any wins. Still, thought I'd like to share.

First, the inspiration.

Then the pumpkins...

Other Peoples Pumpkins

To be very clear - these are not my pumpkin carvings. After my carving is finished I like to walk around and photograph some of the other pumpkins. Thought you'd like to see some.

Not my art but sure fun to look at!

Chadds Ford 2004

2004 brought another one of my designs a win at The Chadds Ford Great Pumpkin Carve. This time for "Most Halloween". I have always been very drawn to the story of the Headless Horseman and he is the subject of a large portion of my Halloween art. Here is the sign that inspired the pumpkin.

They don't look like much when they are not lit up to me.

Use the pumpkin guts to give the skin a shine.

My first art pumpkin 2003

Haunted Holstein design was created from one of my handpainted Halloween signs. I loved the image and thought it would look great on a 100+ pound pumpkin.
This was also my first attempt (with my mom and friends) to carve at the Chadds Ford Great Pumpkin Carve.
Our pumpkin took home the prize for Best Overall. It was definately a shock and began my love of carving pumpkins!

My original design.

Drawing on the design. I use linoleum and wood carving tools.

Finished, unlit.

Here she is, all lit up for Halloween.
She's even been featured on Martha Stewart's website.

The carving crew after our win!